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  H402A Cable- / Tube- and Components-Marking

  • permanent
  • detachable
  • distinctive
  • individual marking for cable, tubes and PVC components

  • ideal for middle and big volume production

Modell H402A offers a big field of applications. With H402A cable, tubes, connectors, PVC-Components, nylon cable ties, etc. can be marked professionally.

Hotmarker H402a is an easy to use marking machine for permanent, detachable and distinctive marking.

Just put the to be marked material on the holder, choose and turn the character wheels to the desired letter- and/or numbers combination. Marking pressure, temperature and marking time duration can be preselected directly to the machine.

Due to the fact that the H402A is operated via pressure, both hands are free to feed the machine with the to be marked material. After activating the foot-switch operator, you get your professional marking results within a few seconds.

In standard, you can choose between those colours: black, white, red, yellow.

The model H402A is available with 7, 12 or 18 character wheels.

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b200kabelb b200stecker

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