Hotmarker SP8600

Automatic machine for direct marking on PVC-, heat shrinking tubes and labels

  • permanent
  • undetachable
  • distinctive
  • individual marking for tubes
  • Barcode & symbols
  • new fonts
  • ideal for middle and high quantity production
  • PC-integration or stand-alone version

The model SP8600 prints your desired and individual text on different kind of flexible tubes, PVC-tubes, heatshrinking tubes or labels. When printing about 5 digits, production output is about 4500pcs. per hour. SP8600 prints up to 3 lines on your material. After printing, the machines cuts your tubes completely or partially.

The machine provides also an integrated data memory, to save your individual texts, to use it as a stand alone version.

To use complete functionality, you can connect SP8600 to your Windows-PC easily, through USB-interface. Necessary software is included when you purchase model SP8600.

Additionally to standard software, PIK-AS Austria offers extended software to print special symbols or company logos. Printing cyrillic letters or other special-fonts are possible.Please ask our sales managers.

SP8600 offers high-performance, is of low maintenance, robus and is ideal for middle and big sized production.

Model SP8600 uses thermotransfer technologies, where colour of printing can be changed easily, in seconds, through changing colour foil tape. Standard colours are black and white. Colours like yellow, blue or red are upon request.


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Product support videos:

thermal head replacement

cutter blade and cutter rest replacement

drive rollers and marking roller replacement

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